It's an Open House!

Come sneak a peek at the UnLaunch Incubator

March 13th at 10am PT

Are you ready to enjoy marketing?

Are you looking for a new way to get clients without a complicated, costly, and crazy launch? 

Are you ready to take a stand but don’t know how to put it out there in a way that feels authentic?

There’s a new “launch” alternative…
The UnLaunch.


Lisa hosts
The UnLaunch Incubator Open House

No B.S. Here

It does NOT have limited seats.  It is NOT exclusive or invite-only.  It is NOT only available for a limited time.  And it is NOT usually worth $10K.  

It IS free.

And open to all who are curious about it and it won’t be the very last time we are talking about this.

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What you will discover...

Here’s a peek:

What the fuck an UnLaunch is and how it’s different

Be prepared to unlearn those formulas, blueprints & systems.

How to claim your Soapbox - the heart and soul of your Unlaunch

It’s time to take a stand for people that need you!

How to navigate the choose-your-own-adventure approach

Step out of the one size fits all box you were told you must fit in to have a successful client attracting campaign

How focusing on sincerity & generosity can replace old school techniques

Say good-bye to manufactured urgency, conditional discounts, and quantity over quality

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Meet Your Host


Lisa Cherney

The founder of the ground-breaking confession-based Get F***ing Real Podcast, Lisa has been advising millionaire entrepreneurs for over 20 years. In 2014 she got f’n real and dismantled her “successful” 7-Figure business because she stopped enjoying it. Now at age 50, she knows her mission is to UnMentor & UnLaunch evolving experts so they heal their business shame and unapologetically take a stand in their marketing and in their life.