UnLaunch Unveiling

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Marketing Reset Retreat


Lisa Cherney

Confession: I used to use manufactured urgency in my marketing.

Fav Movie: The Matrix

Fav Cuss Word: F*ck

Coaching crazy mission-based peeps for 20+ years. She let go of her 7-Figure business (and launching) in 2014 and birthed her Get F***ing Real movement in 2018 to take a stand for the inner game crap that gets in our way.


Erin Tillotson

Confession: I used to build complicated, costly, and crazy launches.

Fav Hobby: Road Trips

Fav Drink: Extra Dirty Martini

Leading marketing strategy behind thought-leaders for 13 years. She let go of wrangling 7-Figure launches to take a stand for full self-expression and to show her girls what a successful business woman looks like.