Attention seasoned, but not salty, entrepreneurs on a mission!

Are you craving a new level of enjoyment in your business?

Are you looking for a new way to get clients without a complicated, costly, and crazy launch? 

Are you ready to take a stand but don’t know how to put it out there in a way that feels authentic?

There’s a new “launch” alternative…
The UnLaunch.

Join Lisa and Erin Live for the Unlaunch Unveiling:


No B.S. Here

It does NOT have limited seats.  It is NOT exclusive or invite-only.  It is NOT only available for a limited time.  And it is NOT usually worth $10K.  

The unveiling IS free.

And open to all who are curious about it and it won’t be the very last time we are talking about this.

Join Lisa and Erin Live for the Unlaunch Unveiling:

Thursday, July 16th
12 PT / 3 ET

What are you gonna learn? Here’s a peek:

What the fuck an UnLaunch is and how it’s different

Be prepared to unlearn those formulas, blueprints & systems.

How to claim your Soapbox - the heart and soul of your Unlaunch

It’s time to take a stand for people that need you!

How to navigate the choose-your-own-adventure approach

Step out of the one size fits all box you were told you must fit in to have a successful client attracting campaign

How focusing on sincere and generous marketing can replace old school techniques

Say good-bye to manufactured urgency, conditional discounts, and quantity over quality

We’ll have plenty of time for questions and convo around hating launches & the excitement of doing it a new way.

Get on the list for The Unlaunch Unveiling!

Thursday, July 16th at 12 PT / 3 ET


Lisa Cherney

Confession: I used to use manufactured urgency in my marketing.  

Fav Movie: The Matrix 

Fav Cuss Word: F*ck



Erin Tillotson

Confession: I used to build complicated, costly, and crazy launches.

Fav Hobbie: Road Trips

Fav Drink: Extra Dirty Martini